Stock Database


A very basic database program for collecting stock data.


I wrote a bit of code to collect stock data and store it in a SQLite database. The code is available on github under an MIT license. It's written in python3.

The idea was that price data is available historically from a variety of sources, but it's actually hard or impossible to find data on more metrics (such as P/E ratio). I got interested in doing some analysis on potential investments, but that's quite difficult without data. I'm now using this to collect my own database of historical data, which could be used to look for correlations, train genetic algorithms, etc. Fetching the data is actually rather simple, and I've also written some scripts to automate certain tasks, and also for wrapping the SQL database itself (the python interface can, at times, be clunky).

In the future, once I have a decent amount of data, I'll have to find some interesting things to do with it.