An example plot

Commonly those in the scientific community wish to build applications which can be distributed within their group or to the wider community to run a particular algorithm, analyze a certain type of data, or do simple modeling of a problem. Often these developers either get locked into a closed ecosystem (e.g. Matlab) or go through a length process, developing a framework for themselves in languages like C/C++ or Java.

The goal of this scientific toolkit (SciTK) is to simplify the development of these applications, using a simple but powerful and cross-platform language (Java) while allowing complete customization of the toolkit itself, and free distribution, through open-source permissive licensing. In particular, the design goal for the toolkit is to handle as much of the generic UI and common functionality (i.e. making plots), allowing the developer to focus on components specific to their problem, as well as the fun part - the scientific code itself!